The Perks of Homeschooling High School

By Melissa Batai

My middle child will be in 8th grade next year, and, because we can, she’s going to have a few high school level courses mixed in with her middle school courses. While many homeschool parents are intimidated by teaching high school, there are perks of homeschooling high school that I’m looking forward to.

Cater to Your Child’s Interests

When you homeschool, you can cater to your child’s interests at any grade, but high school allows the time to dig deeper. My child and I plan to cater to her interests in a few different ways.

The Courses She Takes

Currently, my daughter has aspirations to be a neuropsychologist. We plan to have her study biology and human anatomy and physiology. She also plans to take several psychology courses in high school including psychology, abnormal psychology, and human growth and development. I don’t know about you, but when I was in high school, we only had one psychology class we could take. I’m excited that homeschooling gives her the opportunity to create a unique course of study that may not be available at the local public high schools.

The Learning Style She Uses

When you homeschool, you can cater to your child’s learning style. My daughter is a kinesthetic learner, which is often a neglected learning style in many brick-and-mortar classrooms. We’re excited to delve into labs and other hands-on learning opportunities to enhance her learning.

Flexible Schedule

We plan to utilize the flexibility homeschooling high school offers in several different ways.

Start High School Classes in 8th Grade

If your child is ready, you can have him take some high school classes in 8th grade. That’s what we plan to do. I want my daughter to have a lighter schedule in 12th grade when she is applying to colleges. I would also like her to have space in her schedule to participate in an internship her senior year if she is able.

Earn College Credit in High School

Many homeschoolers earn dual credit in high school by enrolling in classes at the local community college. That is a path my daughter is considering taking, but we won’t make the decision for a few more years. I want to evaluate how she handles high school classes first.

If your child is able to handle dual credit, you can save thousands of dollars by having your child complete up to two years of college before even graduating from high school. Plus, your child will be able to graduate college with a four-year degree by the time she’s 20!

Graduate Early

Another option my daughter is considering is graduating early. However, if she takes dual credit, she will graduate on time rather than early.

I, myself, graduated a semester early from my public school, but doing so wasn’t easy because the principal had to agree to it. He tried to dissuade me because most kids didn’t try to graduate early.

Explore Career Interests

When you homeschool high school, your child does not need to spend as much time doing school as students enrolled in brick-and-mortar schools. Brick-and-mortar students attend school for six to seven hours a day and then have homework to complete after school. Your student may be able to complete a high school homeschool day in four to six hours, which gives him more time to explore his interests or work if he wants to. My daughter reached out to a local educational neuropsychologist who said she would be glad to have my daughter shadow her to see what the job entails.

In addition, homeschool students have more time, which they can use to volunteer and give back to their community if they so desire.

Final Thoughts

Homeschooling high school can be intimidating. However, doing so can offer your teenager excellent opportunities including what subjects she studies, increased flexibility, and the chance to explore career interests.