Meow is Not a Cat Book by Kelly Tillis Review

Thanks to The Children’s Book Review and Kelly Tills for partnering with me on this post and providing me with a copy of the book to review. Opinions are my own. 

My kids are still at the age that they love cute picture books, and my 8-year-old especially loves any books about cats. Well, this book is a bit different in that it is NOT about a cat. Well, not really.

Meow Is Not a Cat, is written by Kelly Tills and illustrated by Max Saladrigas and reads easily at a quick 44 pages. It's aimed at kids 4 and up, but older kids with wild imaginations will adore it, too. 

If you've ever had to tell your child to do something, you can relate to how difficult it can be. Kids don't always follow directions well, and in this book, the author explores how kids (and any person, really) may look the world differently. While the book doesn't explicitly come out and mention kids on the spectrum, neurodiverse children, or those with special needs, it most certainly applies here. 

The main character has a hard time following directions, staying in line, being still... you get the idea. Maybe this sounds like one of your kids (or even you?)

In this book, there are a lot of silly illustrations and lines that will make readers giggle, and I'm sure most kids can see themselves in the main character. It's really a goofy way of looking at a serious issue: communication and understanding one another. If your child has ever struggled to express themselves or interpret others' views, you will immediately understand what this book is trying to say. 

It also portrays a kid just trying to go through the day, even when everything seems to go wrong. But, it's OK. Everything turns out in the end, inspiring readers to give themselves a little grace, too. 

The author Kelly Tillis has done a great job of making kids feel a little less alone in this world, as well as gives parents a way to explore these things with kids in a very approachable way. I look forward to the conversations parents can have with their kids after reading this book!

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