Monday, September 1, 2014

This Year's Hot Back to School Trends (VIDEO)

I cannot get over how cute everything is this year for back-to-school trends for the kids.  While last year was full of mustaches and duck hunters, this year is full of classic looks and affordable pricing.  I took my oldest and my toddler out for a day of checking out the deals at our local Walmart.  See what we found!

Here are just a few that we featured....

1. Chevron and stripes.  Yes! This very classy look is in many colors.  I especially like it in the infinity scarf!

2. Canvas sneaks.  These are so affordable, priced at $9.87 and $5.87 for women.  (Kids have an assortment to choose from, as well.)  We customized our look with colorful shoelaces for just $2!)

3.  Bandannas.  The kids really like wearing these.  Walmart has a selection that can be worn on the wrist, in the hair, or around the neck.  These really take me back.

4.  Flannel.  It's here to stay this season.  The ladies' flannel is very slimming, too!

Most of these looks are found in-store for the best selection.  Be sure to check out all the deals in ladies, mens, kids, and babies, too!

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Easy Back to School Craft: Customized Pencil Cases

I see so many cute back-to-school project on Pinterest.  They look adorable and completely doable --- for parents.  They often aren't something that my young boys can do, however, and I really want the excitement of back-to-school to be something they can be part of, not just watch.

In exploring the aisles of our local Walmart, I found some very inexpensive plastic pencil cases, with sliding drawers that snapped shut.  They were just $.49!  So I bought 4 of them, and I allowed the boys to decorate them anyway they wanted, using our large collection of Duck Tape!

Some of the boys used standard sized tape, but one really fell in love with the new Washi tape that Duck Brand makes.  Here is a video of their afternoon; they were so proud of their creations!

The best part was that each box was completely unique.  Even my four-year-old had to make one. (You can see which one is his below, can't you?)  The older boys even added stick-on eyes to make their pencil cases come to life!

How would your kids get crafty with something as affordable as a cheap pencil case?  Are there any other things you'd let your kids decorate with Duck Tape?  This exercise in creativity and teamwork has been one of the highlights of our new school year!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Game On! Littlest Fan Fashion at Walmart

It's our favorite time of year - College Football season!  And, while we will likely not be able to watch many of the games due to our canceling of cable, we'll still get in our best gear and cheer on our Nebraska team while listening to them on the radio.  (Yes, they still make radios.)

In addition to lounging around with some of our favorite game time snacks, we like to dress the part of a winner.  I was super excited to see so many fashionable choices featuring our favorite team this last week at Walmart.

They even had adorable options for tiny tots!  This three-pack of onesies was priced right at $19.97, and there was a different graphic on each one.

Manasseh loves playing with the football, and we were happy to get out last year's family "game ball" to let him learn about the sport.

With Walmart being the most affordable place to buy game gear for the whole family, it's no longer a luxury for everyone to have a few staples for Saturdays.  (I got a hat for myself for just $5!)

Selection will vary by region and Walmart store, but you still have plenty of time to dress baby the part of SUPER FAN!!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Review of Ozeri WeightMaster 400 lbs Digital Bath Scale

I had a hate/hate relationship with my scale.  Prior to receiving this new one to review, I had a digital scale that was so fickle.  It was always starting out at 4.4 pounds, not adjusting to being placed on its side, and it had fluctuations of 2 pounds or more within minutes of weighing my self a few times.  When you are a larger person, 2 pounds night not seem like a deal-breaker.  2-3 pounds on my frame, however, is a sign that I'm gaining or losing too quickly, or that something else may be wrong.

When I received the Ozeri WeightMaster 400 lbs Digital Bath Scale with BMI and Weight Differential Detection, I was happy to see it was thin and very low-profile.  It was glass, but I didn't worry about it breaking, as it really seemed be sturdy.  I took a moment to read the manual that came with it, as there were a few steps to setting it up for getting the most use out of it.

I set it down, make sure it "zeroed" out, and stepped on it.  Once my weight was taken, I could set up my user profile, which gave me profile one, and recorded my height -- as well as my current weight.  Now, whenever I would step on the scale, it would recognize that it was me and record my weight daily.  My husband could set up his own profile, too.  (If two people are too close together in weight, the scale cannot tell who is who; you'll have to select the correct profile before weighing in this case.)

While I am not a total believer in the value of BMI (I'm nursing, so BMI is always a bit skewed), I do think it's a great idea to track weight gain or loss -- especially over a period of time.  This scale not only tells you your weight change from day to day (shown as either a red or green light against your net change in pounds), it also shows a total over the last 3, and the last 7 days, as well.  So, while you may have gained weight after a bit birthday party from earlier in the day, you can see if you lost or gained compared to a week ago, which may be a more accurate picture of how you are doing.

While I rarely have to change scale batteries, the auto power-off function is very fast on this scale. I'm certain the batteries should last a long while.

You can find this scale for purchase at

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