Blueberries in My Coffee? #YourPerfectCup

You may remember me telling you a long while back that I had never tried a blueberry until I was a grown adult.  While I have always enjoyed them in baked goods, I could just never really get behind the idea of a fresh one.  Now that I have accepted blueberries, and even snack on them occasionally, I've also started to enjoy blueberries in other things - including my coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee has introduced me to a beautiful new flavor of coffee, and I was very surprised how much I enjoyed it.  I can honestly say, that this might be one of my top three flavors, even ranking higher then those that contain chocolate or caramel.  While my husband has not been such a big fan, this just means that there is more for me!

Here is a photo of a cute little basket I received, introducing me to the new variety, called Wild Mountain Blueberry:

It is delicious with scones and lemon curd.  (Although I honestly drink it with everything!)

Learn more about the Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup® packs at their Facebook page or Twitter!

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*As a K-Cup Ambassdor for Keurig, I received products to review. Opinions are 100% mine.