Review of SuperPretzel PretzelDogs

My kids love to snack, and, in the winter, warm snacks are the most popular.  We recently snacked on the new new SuperPretzel PretzelDogs.  Here is what we thought...

First, these are super easy to heat up.  I put them in my Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer for about 8 minutes, and they are golden brown and delicious.  The hot dogs get nice and juicy, and they go great with mustard or ketchup.  We sampled both the kind with cheese inside the dogs, and the kind without.  To be honest, the cheese kind isn't that cheesy; I could see a few yellow flecks inside the dog, but they weren't oozing out or anything.

Matthias eating the PretzelDogs -- with no front teeth!
The quality of the dogs remind me of the little cocktail weenies you serve at parties: very meaty and firm (not like those mushy frankendogs you see in some appetizers.)  These were well received by my kids and my husband.  Get two boxes if you have a big family!

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*Samples received to facilitate review.  Opinions are 100% my own.