5 Must-Have Summer Buys for the Pregnant Mom

It's hot!  And there is nothing worse than being pregnant during the summer.  While I just have a couple months left to go in my pregnancy, I know that the toughest part is yet to come.  I'm on baby #6, so I'm definitely feeling it these days.....

Thankfully, I'm older and wiser than I was with my first baby, and I"m also not afraid to stock up on staples that help keep me comfortable, healthy, and relaxed.  Here are my top 10, must-have summer products that have helped me through my sticky summer pregnancy!

1.  Softsoap's Pacific Sunset Refreshing Citrus Body Wash.  I have found showers to be one of the best ways to ease tension, soothe aching muscles, and feel refreshed after a hot day on the farm.  This body wash not only leaves my skin super-soft, it has an amazing grapefruit smell that perks me and gives me a little motivation to finish up my evening dishes or any blog posts I have yet to do each day.  (This limited edition body wash also comes in Maui Coconut Splash!)

2.  Nature Made Fish Oil Adult Gummies. While I've added prenatal vitamins to my routine, I didn't want to give up on my regular dose of fish oil.  With pregnancy-induced nausea, however, I couldn't handle even the mildest form of fish oil tablets.  The new fish oil gummies from Nature Made, however, taste so much like peach gummy candy you buy from the snack aisle that I didn't associate it with fish in any way.  In fact, these are so delicious, I had a problem with not wanting to take more than the 2 recommended gummies a day.  Unlike other vitamin "gummies", these are super soft, too -- they won't break your teeth!

3.  Vaseline Spray & Go Lotion. At first, I honestly thought this was too gimmicky a product to really add value, but, once my growing stomach got rather large, I was grateful to have a bottle of this Spray & Go Lotion on hand.  As it shaving your legs while pregnant isn't hard enough, applying lotion to your stretching skin can be a pain!  This can of lotion lets you get moisturized in places you can't reach (or even see), and cuts down on the amount of twisting and turning needed to get your lower legs, back, and shoulders well-lotioned.

4.  Bump Start Side Rouched Maternity Tank Top. Starting out with a "muffin top" pre-pregnancy did me no favors when the baby started showing.  I really struggled with finding flattering shirts that made me look slender in all the right places, while giving onlookers enough of a fitted look to say "Hey, I'm not fat -- I'm pregnant!" These side-rouched tanks are so comfy, stretchy, and cool, while giving me a slim look that I can take anywhere.  I've purchased several of these tanks in assorted colors, and have worn them solo, or under jean jackets and even as a layered look via 2 tanks!  If you're tired of old-fashioned tops that resemble tents, but want to create a slender style, I can't say enough about the affordable tanks!

5.  Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.  I've completely sworn off most makeup for the duration of my pregnancy, mainly because my skin is so sensitive!  Even my typical sunscreen causes blemishes and rashing, which is why I was so happy to learn that my favorite BB Cream is gentle enough to wear for all 9 months.  Not only can I feel confident with the light coverage that this BB Cream provides (it really does wonders for odd pregnancy coloring), it has just enough sunscreen to keep my from burning in most outdoor situations.  Even when I can't apply anything else, I make sure to put some of this on daily -- I keep a spare in my purse!

Are you sporting a baby bump this summer?  What product can you just not live without?

*Samples of some products received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.