Healthy Babies? Is it Even Possible?

*I’m partnering with The Motherhood and Seventh Generation to share some ways to keep your baby healthy! Opinions are always 100% mine.

As a mom of soon-to-be 6, I worry about my kids' future.  In addition to all their social, educational, and financial needs, I am constantly thinking about the things I do for them today that could possibly help them to be healthier as adults.

At a recent Twitter party with Seventh Generation, we learned a lot about what it takes to raise healthy kids --- starting with the babies!  I must admit that I don't have all the answers, and the to-do list can get rather long.  Here are a few things I took away from the party and a Virtual Party hosted by the Motherhood that covered things we can do today for a healthier baby!  (Find even more tips here!)

1.  Eat (very) local.  This is something I already try to do more of.  While I can't always get away from processed foods, I do try to grow as much of it as I can.  We have free-range chickens (with fresh eggs) and we have a massive garden.  I feel better knowing exactly what has been put on the veggies that my kids eat, and I try to preserve much of our harvest for the colder months, when home-grown may not be available.

2. Limit extras.  There are some products I have been loyal to for years, but, as of late, I've abandoned in search of more simple recipes. Lotion, for example, has been tricky, as many of my kids have sensitive skin and eczema.  When looking for a formula that works for them, I try to avoid complicated ingredients -- and I'll often pick remedies from my herb garden first!

3.  Start today, but start slowly.  You can't change everything at once.  I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed at some info a friend gave me about how everything from shower curtains to sippy cups can make kids sick.  I know I can't change everything at once.  I can't afford to financially, and I don't always have access to healthier product alternatives.  With companies like Seventh Generation making budget-friendly options that make it easy to start small, however, I no longer have excuses for trading convenience for health.  (Yes, I'm keeping my disposable diapers!)

What about you?  Do you often get overwhelmed with the information available?  What steps could you take today for a Healthy Baby?