20 Minute Dinner Idea: Southwestern Tortilla Fish Fillets

Living in the middle of the Midwest, fresh fish isn't something I get often.  So, I rely on trusted brands of frozen fish and seafood to get my fix.  Gorton's is a brand we've eaten for years in the fish stick category, and my kids like it better than other brands, because the fish isn't "fishy" and the pieces aren't minced. 

When Walmart asked me to try the new Gorton's Artisan Recipe fish fillets, I was excited.  The two varieties, Roasted Garlic & Italian Herb and Southwest Tortilla, sounded interesting, so I chose the Southwest Tortilla to start with.

Here they are, on the cookie sheet before baking. 

When done, they were super-crispy!  They weren't as "seasoned" as I thought they would be, meaning that they had a mild flavor without too much salt. Since they come rolled in crushed tortilla chips, Tex-Mex spices, and a hint of chili, however, they are a unique twist on a traditional frozen fish fillet.  I served them up with a side of tortillas chips and my favorite homemade fresh salsa!

The kids liked these, too, putting them on bread to make a sandwich out of them.  With 5 fillets per box, priced at $3.98 for a box, this is a particularly good value when you're strapped for time and need a quick dinner option.  Find them at Walmart in the freezer aisle.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.