Two Better Breakfast Options for the New School Year

We've already shared how much I enjoyed tasting the new Honey Bunches of Oats with Greek Yogurt, but they now have a new kind that I haven't tried yet: Mixed Berry!

This cereal is a pleasant mixture of crunchy and creamy, and it's awesome in milk.  If you haven't given this a try for your breakfast, I highly recommend it.  Even if you aren't a Greek Yogurt fan (I'm not the biggest, myself), the creamy coating on the yogurt pieces is just sweet enough to make the cereal extra special, and  each serving contains 33g of Whole Grain (more than 2/3 of your daily recommended serving!) and 5g of protein!

You can learn more about this new variety of cereal, and follow future promotions and coupon offers at the Honey Bunches of Oats Facebook page!

Another product that I can't seem to get enough of is the KIND bar.  If you're tired of typical breakfast bars that don't deliver on quality ingredients, you'll be thrilled to know that KIND bars have come out with two new varieties: Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Chili Almond.  I'll admit, I'm not a super eager Dark Chocolate fan, but the bar was still really good.  My absolute favorite, however, is the Maple Glazed Pecan; it's so much like a pecan pie, I can't believe it's good for me!  I have made a habit of tucking a KIND bar into my purse, car, and travel bag for those times when my tummy is growing and I need long-lasting sustenance.  These bars do NOT disappoint.

You can learn more about the entire KIND line at the KIND Facebook page.  While you're there, be sure to enter the giveaway to win a free case! (KIND bars are now available in Target for the first time in the pharmacy section!)

*Samples received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.