Review of Veritas Press Omnibus Self-Paced Course

I got very busy this year with the new baby, my business, and various home repairs.  Homeschooling kept going, but I really grew concerned that my daughter (who is a Freshman this year) was missing some of the more rigorous learning opportunities that we wished for her to have.  I had been an avid fan of Veritas Press' catalog of books and materials for some time.  (We use many of their books in our homeschool, and I love their balance of using a classic approach with giving kids preparation for being a Christian in the modern world.)

I had learned about the Omnibus courses through an online forum, but knew I did NOT have the time to teach my daughter this course.  The first year had an emphasis on Old Testament Bible and the Ancient World, contained tons of great books I wanted her to eventually read, and theology topics that I knew she would eventually have to tackle.  The announcement that this course would be available as a "self-paced" course was exciting!  I sampled a few of the lessons online before buying, then ordered the textbook and accompanying materials.

The course itself cost over $400 with all the materials. I worried that it wouldn't be worth it, but we went ahead with it the week after the baby was born last fall.  My daughter has loved this class.  Sometimes, she gets frustrated, as the books are no easy task!  (She is working through Homer's The Odyssey right now.)  She spends almost an hour a day reading each night to be ready for the next day's lesson.

The online lesson is a collection of lectures by the professor (the wonderful Bruce Etter), interviews with other experts, "man on the street" interviews, and virtual tours of places important to the study (an Old Testament temple, for example.)  The course addresses "hot topics" such as premarital relations, Old Earth vs New Earth theories, and how to present your faith in a hostile world.  Many questions are asked, but there is often no "right" answer presented.  Kids are challenged to use their thinking skills to come up with their position on a variety of social questions.  If taken with the Secondary books course (which is not taught through the online course, but you can have your child study through their textbooks), you'll be able to count your child as getting one credit each of History, Literature, and Theology in your homeschool.

The course is designed for grades 7 and up, but I felt that, even with a very mature 15-year-old 9th grader taking it, it challenged her.  If your child might be bothered by issues of today, the cruelty presented in many places in the Old Testament, or the content of the books clearly outlined in the course (which cover topics ranging from adultery to abortion), you may want to wait until your child is old enough to be guided through it.

We loved this class so much, that we are excited to see Self-Paced versions of Omnibus II and III added to the course listings.  If you are concerned about the price, check out the special going on now through February 18th, giving parents $75 off the newest courses (Omnibus I - Secondary, Omnibus II and II, Primary and Secondary) with code SPF75VP.  You can also save on books by checking many of them out from the library.

*Opinions are 100% my own.  Course was purchased on my own. No samples or compensation were received.