Battle Sheep Game Review

battle sheep game review

My kids love checkers. But, let's admit it; it's not the most exciting game. Battle Sheep, a fun new game from Blue Orange Games, is pretty intense at times, but super simple for even the most novice of gamers to enjoy. What did our kids think?

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Overview of Battle Sheep Game Review

This clever game is made up of a few board game pieces that you can put together in a variety of ways for different play each time, as well as heavy-duty plastic discs, with your sheep on them. Up to 4 people can play, moving their stack of sheep, and dropping the discs across the board to block other players from moving around. When you are trapped, and no more of your stacks can move, your score is the number of spaces your stack covers.

battle sheep game review
battle sheep game review

Battle Sheep Game Video

This video explains the gameplay in better detail than the directions that come with the game. I watched it with my kids to get the idea....

The Battle Sheep Game Review Summary

This game is a very well-made product. The sheep tiles are made from a super durable material that is easy to stack, sort, and store. The game board pieces are heavily-constructed, as well, and after many years of using this game, we've seen no wear! With so many games made from flimsy parts, this quality construction is one of the reasons we reach for our Battle Sheep game often.

It's also a family favorite for all ages. If a child can understand checkers, they can grasp this game easily. We did watch the video instructions for some context for how to play (we are visual learners,) but the instructions really lay out the rules and we were off and playing within minutes. A simple gameplay and limited number/type of pieces makes this a great game for young learners who may become discouraged by more complicated games.

Finally, the game has learning perks, giving kids a fun way to practice their critical-thinking skills. It's engaging enough for older teens and adults to enjoy, too. It's one of the few games my kids ask me to play that I genuinely want to play with them!

Where can you buy Battle Sheep game?

Did you find what you are looking for with our Battle Sheep Game review? Snag it for your next family game night! My boys love playing this game together, as it takes little to no set up time and plays quickly -- less than 10 minutes a game!

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