Review of Battle Sheep Board Game

1:34 AM

My kids love checkers. But, let's admit it; it's not the most exciting game.  Battle Sheep, a fun new game from Blue Orange Games, is pretty intense at times, but super simple for even the most novice of gamers to enjoy.

This clever game is made up of a few board game pieces that you can put together in a variety of ways for different play each time, as well as heavy-duty plastic discs, with your sheep on them.  Up to 4 people can play, moving their stack of sheep, and dropping the discs across the board to block other players from moving around.  When you are trapped, and no more of your stacks can move, your score is the number of spaces your stack covers.

This video explains the game play in better detail than the directions that come with the game. I watched it with my kids to get the idea....

Snag it for your next family game night! My boys love playing this game together, as it takes little to no set up time and plays quickly -- less than 10 minutes a game!

*Sample received to review. Opinions are my own.

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