DIY Holiday Dog Treat Mason Jar Project

Remember how much fun we had with our puppy Gilbert when we were getting ready to celebrate Halloween?  The season of being thankful is upon us, and I KNOW that my dog counts yummy treats among the things he feels most blessed to have in his life.

His favorite treat happens to be Pupperoni (they are so soft and chewy and we can break them up easily for his small size), so we put together an adorable mason jar container with a little sparkle to keep his treats displayed for the holiday.  To create this simple look, you'll need a pint mason jar, holiday ribbon with wire inside, and a sheet of crystal stickers.

Start with a clean, dry pint mason jar.  if you use a jar with a design on it, the ribbon might hold better. Then, cut ribbon the long enough to wrap around your jar, leaving enough to tie and leave ends for your knot.  Next, cut two more lengths of ribbon long enough for two more knots.  Stick the ribbon under the first knot, and tie it around.  Do this one more time.  You won't have a "bow" but rather three knots with the ribbon pieces sticking out in various angles.

Now it's time to "bling" your ribbon!  Use the crystal stickers to make the ribbon sparkle.  Be random with your placement of the gems for a very pretty effect.

Fill with Pupperoni and keep it on a table or mantel as a festive way to store treats during Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Try different colors of ribbon, such as orange, gold, brown, and gold so that you can display it all season long!

This is just one of many ways you can include your pup in all the upcoming festivities. What would you thank your pup for?  Do you have any crafty ideas for the season?  

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