My Secret Weapon Against the Long, Long Nights

Diapers have changed quite a bit over the years, and while I would never want to leave my baby in a dirty diaper for any longer than I have to, night time is important for both baby -- and me -- to catch up on precious zzzzz's.  That's why, if it's just a wet one, I won't wake a sleeping baby; just as long as he's wearing a diaper I can trust to be leak-free all night.

Parent's Choice diapers are one of those leak-free options, and they have stepped up to the plate with their super affordable (just 16 cents a diaper) Overnight Baby Diapers.
 They are designed for the nights when you absolutely need your rest, and they work well for long car rides, too!

These diapers hold wetness in, but are surprisingly very, very thin.  As you can see from the photos below, they don't look very fluffy, but they are soft and they keep baby dry.  I also like that they have an inner liner that is hypoallergenic and treated with Vitamin E and aloe for skin protection.  (Rashes can ruin that good night sleep we talked about.)

If you absolutely have to change in the middle of the night (you know the kind I'm talking about), the stretchy sides make them easy to take on and off, even with a baby that's curled up in a ball and snoring.

Snag these in sizes size 3 (86 count) for 16-28 lbs, size 4 (74 count) for 22-37 lbs, size 5 (62 count) for 27-plus lbs and -- for the big guys -- size 6 (54 count) for 35-plus lbs.

These are available at Walmart right now for $13.97 a box, but if you don't like to haul around diapers in your cart, you can order them online and have them delivered to your door -- for free -- with orders of $50 or more!  I also really like the regular diapers, which currently cost $19.77 for all sizes in the value pack (12 cents per diaper).  As you can see, I'm set for about 1 month (my little guy goes through so many diapers.)  Being stocked up makes me feel better about the days -- and nights -- ahead and keeps me from making last-minute trips to the store that I don't need to be making.

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