The Biggest Thing to Hit Snacking: Ritz Gets Big

Whenever I think parties, I think of Ritz Crackers. They have always been my favorite for dips and toppings, because they are the perfect combo of crispy, light crunch, and buttery, savory flavor.  The fact that they are wrapped so well within the box, means that we can take just what we need for the event, and leave the rest fresh for later.

Just when I thought this snacking experience couldn't get much better, they went and introduced BIG Ritz.  How big are these crackers? They are so big that they come in a tray pack so that they don't get crumbled or broken.  They are just as delicious as the original, but -- well -- bigger!

 Check them out in relation to my toddler son's hands...

He really loves snacking on these and so does the rest of the family. I could see these topped with slices of ham or egg salad as a mini open-faced sandwich.  These would also be perfect for my Danish Smørrebrød meals!  (Ritz also came up with a couple of clever recipes, including Tostadas and Pizzas.)

You can find these with the other crackers in your grocer, but just be aware that they come in a bag-like packaging, not a box.  These limited edition crackers are great to have on hand for unexpected guests, or kids who just want something a bit different for their afternoon snack.

*Samples received. Opinions are my own.