Review of Super Teacher Worksheets Online Individual Membership

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My kids love worksheets. I find that they can be a great tool to pass the time in a constructive way and build up skills in much-needed areas that my kids need to practice. Super Teacher Worksheets gave us access to their Individual Membership last month to review, and we've been happily using it with our students in a variety of ways!

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

First, this site is very easy to navigate. You can choose to browse categories by subject, grade level, or skill. Someone needing worksheets for practicing the printed alphabet, for example, could find these by searching, or browsing the categories for handwriting or phonics.  Once you find a group of worksheets that match your interests, you can then open them to preview or save them to your File Cabinet.

What's a File Cabinet? It's basically storage for all the worksheets you like and want to access later. Rather than searching through all the addition worksheets each time you want to use one, you can store those that you like best for later printing.  I like to use this function to search for all the worksheets I'll use in a week with my kids, then print them out as the week progresses.  I can also easily see which worksheets we've done by whether they are in my File Cabinet or not.

The Home page always features some of the newest additions, as well as ideas for seasonal activities. Right now, if I wasn't sure what I could do with my kids today, I could find a variety of fall printables and worksheets right on the home page to look at and print off.

There is also a Worksheet Generator.  This tool lets you create and print more customized worksheets for some of the basic skills, such as addition. There is also a word search, crossword, missing letter, and word scrambler option, which is great for when my kids get a new spelling list and need more practice.

While we don't subscribe to Common Core ourselves, all of the worksheets that reinforce or meet Common Core standards are indicated with a "CC" icon. This is important for parents who are required by their states to teach complimentary material.

With hundreds upon hundreds of worksheets in science, nutrition, spelling, geography, and more, there is something for every student to be able to work on. There are also teacher's certificates and bank award templates, too!

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

How did we use this with our students?  We used it two ways:

1. When my kids were bored or needed something to do, I'd find a "fun" worksheet with a particular theme that we were learning at the time to keep them busy. If my middle son was learning about birds, I'd find some coloring pages or another sheet to help him learn while staying busy.

2. We also used it to practice much-needed skills. If, after doing poorly on a math quiz, I saw that my oldest son needed help with multiplication, I'd print a few times tables worksheets for him to do during the week before his next lesson. I really found it easy to find materials to practice on this site.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

I was really impressed with this subscription.  It met the needs for all of my students, ages 5-17. I found it very organized and useful as a tool I could access from any of my devices.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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