What's In My Baby Bag? (Amusement Park Edition)

We're free from the cold winter doldrums and so excited to be doing a bit of traveling this spring and summer! I just learned that we will be visiting one of my favorite childhood destinations with my kids: World of Fun, Kansas City! More on that in another post, but this means that we need to do some serious thinking about what to pack for the day.

While my older kids have their stuff together (literally), my toddler is super needy and seems to require quite a bit of gear in the day travel bag. So, I decided to take a typical trip to Walmart to shop for what I think is required for today's 2.5 year-old to have in the bag.

What in My Baby Bag?

To start, food and drink. Because a hungry or thirsty toddler is the worst.  We like the Parent's Choice snacks because they are super portable and very affordable. Manny is a big fan of both the cheese puffs and the banana yogurt chips. (They are fairly mess-free, too.)

To drink, we usually stick to water, and since he's not allowed bottles anymore, he's attached himself to this Munchkin cup with the soft spout. It's a good compromise and is very durable.

We are potty training, but it's an amusement park we're headed to, so diapers and wipes are a must! I buy a fresh pack of  Parent's Choice diapers just for day trips. They make these smallish packs that fit right into a day bag. The travel wipes in cucumber smell so awesome! I also tuck in a very small tube of the Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen. It's just the right size and price that it covers all the family, but won't be a major bummer if it gets lost in transit.

Finally, no trip would be complete without the spare outfit. I have never NOT had to have one, and forgetting this at home will result in you toting around a naked baby. Don't forget. A fresh new outfit, like this Batman-inspired short and tee set is just $7.97. Brand new clothes in the bag means he will always be picture-perfect if you're into taking lots of shots on a family trip!

What's in YOUR baby bag? All of the items in my bag can be found at Walmart. Stock up before you head out and relax knowing that at least you have the baby's gear covered.

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