Enter Creation Crate’s 2019 Holiday Giveaway

We're all about the STEM learning here at the Knerl household. But, it has to be fun. That's why we had nothing but good stuff to say about the Creation Crate products in our last review. (We'll also be updating that with a new review for another subscription box we received since then.)

If you don't already know, Creation Crate is a tech subscription box that combines hands-on projects with online courses to teach anyone ages 12+ electronics and coding skills. It's super nifty in that it helps kids learn about things like electrical components and the physical hands-on of basic engineering concepts, but it also offers a satisfying computer programming language component. Anyone who uses the tech subscription box will get to create an application for their physical components that builds on previous learning and coding.

It's not just for kids, either. Projects become more challenging as users develop new skills in electronics and coding. So, you'll want to do the kits in order, and use the included components and the online course to get to that next step of proficiency. Each course comes with step by step instructions, video tutorials, exercises, and troubleshooting support, so you can have your kids work on these independently if you want. Mom and Dad so NOT have to know coding, but it's fun to do the projects together. You might learn something, too!

Creation Crate has shipped over 40,000 projects to over 65 countries and has been awarded Canadian subscription box of the year for 2019. This is a very high-quality subscription box with everything needed to build what I think are the "new" real-world skills students need for thriving in our new digital and technical career fields.

You can learn more about the Creation Crate subscription in our original review or visit the website to order directly. Get an additional 10% off with code MKR10CC here! 

Wanna Win? Three lucky people will win the following:
  • 6 months of electronic projects - Mood Lamp, Memory Game, Distance Detector, LED Dice Game, Optical Theremin, and a 2-Player Reflex Game.
  • Access to 6 online courses - Each project comes with an online course that includes step by step instructions, video tutorials, exercises, and troubleshooting support.
  • Digital Multimeter - A Digital Multimeter is a test tool typically used to measure voltage (volts, current (amps) and/or resistance (ohms). This will help you troubleshoot your projects by testing you wiring and circuits.
  • Component Storage Case - Keep your projects organized with a Component Case! This case has a bunch of different compartments that you can use to store and organize all the components we'll be giving you.
Enter below. (Can't see the giveaway box? Click here to access the form.) 

Holiday Giveaway 2019