Modarri Customizable Monster Trucks Sets Review

We have been fans of the Modarri car products since we were first introduced to them here. These little model car kits are kid-friendly, and even come with the tools needed to customize, swap parts, and make adjustments to your build.

This round of Modarri goodness features an affordable kit for under $20 that would be great for under the tree. You get the body, some mods, and a hex tool to help take off parts easily and keep your vehicle running solid!

I really love the big wheels on these builds. Kids will enjoy collecting the kits and swapping out parts. I love the design themes of these, which include:

The Modular Building System makes swapping chassis, fender, hood and frame super simple, even for young builders. The retained screws won't fall out, either, so you can use the hex tool to loosen them just enough to remove, but won't be looking around on the floor for teeny, tiny screws. (What a relief!)

If you're looking for a high-quality car toy, a way to reinforce STEM skills, or something for older kids to enjoy (teens and dads like them, too!), this may be the toy for you. The mix-and-match feature is sure to keep them busy long after the purchase.

Learn more about the entire Modarri line at their website, on Facebook, or Instagram.

*Sample received to review. Opinions are my own.