5 Signs You’re Not Prioritizing Enough Self-Care As a Homeschool Mom

By Linsey Knerl

The mom-life is exhausting enough as it is. Any given day, we juggle cleaning, cooking, running errands, and managing the household, all while attempting to squeeze in some “me” time. With the responsibilities of homeschooling on top of it all, it can seem impossible to prioritize self-care.

There are some clues your body will tell you when you’re in need of some self-care. Hints can arise, such as finding yourself easily frustrated, becoming forgetful, and even experiencing physical symptoms. Identifying these signs is the first step to turning healthy habits into your new lifestyle.

See if you recognize these five signs that you’re not prioritizing enough self-care as a busy homeschool mom, and discover what you can do to promote better wellbeing in yourself and your children too.

  1. Your daily routine is always jumbled

Another day, another dilemma! Do you feel disorganization fills each day? Meals need prepping, chores need to get done, and your daily to-do list is still unchecked; so you try doing it all throughout the day, which results in chaos. If you’re not a planner, this is your sign to try it! Using a paper planner to structure your days ahead of time ensures proper organization and helps you feel less frantic while providing a space to remember important tasks.

Your jumbled routine can also affect your sleep schedule. Having a decent bedtime is crucial for you to function throughout the day without running on caffeine. Your brain will feel clearer, your mood will improve, and it’ll be easier to have more patience homeschooling your kids, which is significant to their learning process.

  1. You haven’t updated your fashion or sense of style

Buying clothes for a growing child is expensive enough on its own. But when was the last time you browsed recent exciting fashion trends online? Or explored the newest styles on the clothing racks at your favorite stores? If you find yourself wearing the same things all the time, this is your sign to update your wardrobe. You don’t have to get all glammed up, but treat yourself.

Add in a complimenting accessory as well, such as a new sparkling necklace, a handy yet tasteful purse, or attractive glasses that perfectly capture your beautiful face. Discovering different eyeglass frames for women can prove to be a huge game-changer for moms upgrading their overall style and opinion on their appearance. You may also notice an everyday item like your glasses are older than you can remember. With a complimenting modern design, your new glasses can have you looking effortlessly presentable, and you won’t feel the need to put in your contact lenses nearly as often. Take these new items as a motivational way to get dressed and ready to take on every day, as they will only help you feel more confident in yourself.

  1. You’re spending too much time on your screens

Endlessly scrolling through our social media apps is something we notice ourselves mindlessly doing too often. It may surprise you how taking a break from your phone can dramatically increase your productivity. It’s really just something that easily distracts your kids and yourself. Replace this screentime you usually had to revive one of your favorite hobbies or even start a fun side hustle. Not only can you make some extra cash, but you can also find more friends to connect with.

Try putting the kids to bed at an early bedtime, and take these extra couple hours for some well-deserved “me” time. This can be as simple as having a sip of tea or wine, relaxing with a face mask and music, lighting some candles and reading a book, writing in a gratitude journal, and even meditating.

  1. You’re letting your physical health decline

Your physical health is crucial as a busy mom who homeschools! However, it’s typically something many don’t prioritize until the pain begins, or they find themselves becoming out of shape and gaining weight. Be sure you make the time to stay active regularly, and possibly go to the gym at least once a week. This can also be a great opportunity to connect with a friend throughout your hectic schedule. You can even keep a healthy workout routine at home with a small indoor gym setup that your kids can enjoy too. Follow this up with eating healthy foods and staying hydrated, and your body will have no problem keeping up.

Additionally, don’t put off your doctor’s appointments. If you have a health concern, no matter how small it may be, get it checked out sooner rather than later. Make sure you’re continuing to go to your routine checkups such as your dental appointment as well. It may seem impossible to do some days, but hiring a babysitter or asking your family to help once in a while can save you plenty of energy and inconveniences.

  1. You’re forgetting to have fun!

Homeschooling is a journey; there are going to be ups and downs. Set realistic expectations and avoid comparing yourself to others as that will only make you feel as though you’re never doing enough. We tend to forget to enjoy homeschooling and take unnecessarily strict measures when there is actually so much freedom. Change a regular school day up once in a while with your children by planning a scavenger hunt, going to a museum, taking a walk in nature, or socializing with other kids . Try not to take yourself too seriously, and instead find a healthy balance of fun each day. Always remember to homeschool in a way that works for your kids and you!

Being a hardworking mom is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs out there. It’s essential to take care of yourself first as you face the challenges of homeschooling. Keep in mind that your kids are watching you and learning from you. Everybody needs time for self-care, so go enjoy yours!