RoosterFin Games Review: Mighty Pig Tug, Rabbit Pirates, Monkeys Up!

Our family has been playing a lot of board games lately. Ever since we instituted a 2-hour media blackout rule to help our kids sleep better at night, we have no electronics on from 8-10 pm. That means games are back in style at the Knerl house!

RoosterFin is a brand that we've shared with you in the past. We still play their Ninja Squirrels and Wizard Roll at least once a month (if not more), and they've proven themselves to make high-quality, durable games that are truly unique in the marketplace right now. What I especially love about their products, however, is that they are all easy enough for most family members to play but also engaging enough for adults to enjoy. I don't get bored playing a game my 8-year-old likes -- and that's a big deal!

This time, we were able to check out three games new to us: Mighty Pig Tug, Rabbit Pirates, and Monkeys Up! Here is a little bit about each game and what we loved.

Mighty Pig Tug is game designed for kids ages 7 and up. It required critical thinking for players to build the best team out of various pigs to win the championship. This surprisingly simple game really does ask you to think about which pigs you want to play and how various action cards will affect them.

Will your pig get pulled into the mud? This game is interesting enough for grownups and college kids to play. See the video below for details on gameplay.

Then, we tried Rabbit Pirates. This is a silly name for a game, so my boys were automatically drawn in. (RoosterFin loves to play around with names involving ninjas, pirates, and so on. It's a good move!) This game (pictures in the top photo) is a little more quick paced, but it plays like the old-fashioned game of war. My kids really like the simple nature of this game! Play power cards to win treasure -- what's not to like?

See gameplay below:

Finally, Monkeys Up! is a new family favorite. The game is geared for a slightly younger audience, so the 6-year-olds (and some intuitive 5-year-olds) can easily play with older players. Each of the plastic monkeys has a number on the bottom that you can only see if you pick them.

Use the dice to switch and steal monkeys until you get the three monkeys with the largest numbers. It's as simple as picking up those little rubber duckies at the carnival, only this game won't cost you $5 a play! With a short game time, it's perfect for playing before dinner or anytime you have a few minutes to spend as a family.

Gameplay video is here:

As I mentioned before, the thing we love about RoosterFin games is that they are really engaging, so you'll want to play with your kids. I like that my younger kids ask the teens to play, and they never say no. Also, games are simple enough to get started within minutes and play lasts long enough to feel like quality time without taking up a whole afternoon. We frequently play several RoosterFin games back-to-back.

If you want to check out their games, visit their website. They sell bundles, so you can pick up something like the Holiday Bundle and get three top games (Ninja Squirrels, Mighty Pig Tug, and Rabbit Pirates) for a discount in one order.

Thank to RoosterFin for sending us samples to review. Opinions are always our own!